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  • Shacman 30000 Liters Aircraft Fuel Tank

    The Shacman 30000 Liters Aircraft Fuel Tank is an efficient and safe refueling vehicle specifically designed for airports. Its superior engineering design and outstanding performance ensure fast and accurate fuel delivery to various aircraft. With a tank volume of 30 cubic meters, it meets the refueling needs of medium to large aircraft. High-quality steel and advanced welding processes are used …

  • Chengli Group is about to launch five Dongfeng semi-trailer oil tanker trucks

    On November 16, 2023 Chengli Group is pleased to announce that their latest batch of Dongfeng semi-trailer oil tanker trucks will soon be entering the market. As one of the leading manufacturers in the domestic oil tanker truck market. Chengli Group has consistently been actively promoting excellent quality and innovative technology, and this new batch of oil tankers will continue …

  • Factory  Introduction

     Chengli Group – The Chengli Group oil tank  production workshop It  has always been an integral part of the company’s standardized production line. It has now evolved into an advanced working environment operating under strict standardization procedures. Workers in the workshop are fully committed to ensuring that all production processes adhere to standard operating procedures, guaranteeing the highest quality and …

  • South gate of the plant

    Company Introduction  of   Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Yandi Shennong, the capital of China’s special vehicle – Suizhou City, Hubei Province, formerly known as Hubei Chengli Special Vehicle Co., LTD. Established in September 2004, is a collection of vehicle, special purpose vehicles. New energy vehicles.Auto parts and emergency equipment …

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