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  • FAW 30000 liters refueling tank trucks

    oil tank truck: According to the transport medium, configuration and different local names, there are a variety of different titles, Such as: tank trucks, tank trucks, oil trucks, oil supply vehicles, oil pulling vehicles, mobile refueling vehicles, tax control refueling vehicles, computer refueling vehicles, diesel transport vehicles, gasoline transport vehicles, coal tar transport vehicles, lubricating oil transport vehicles, edible oil transport vehicles, crude oil transport vehicles, heavy oil transport vehicles, oil transport vehicles, etc.

    Refueling tank trucks  are   also   known   as  "Fuel Tanker  Inspection" ; "Fuel Tank Truck"; "Gasoline Tanker"; "Oil  Tanker Fleet"; "Hazardous Materials  Transport"; "Petroleum Industry Logistics"  and   " Tanker Truck  Operation" .

    • Specifications

    When loading theFAW 30000 liters oil tanker  truck:

    a. Park the vehicle on a level surface and set the parking brake.
    b. Ground the vehicle to prevent static electricity buildup.
    c. Confirm that the loading and discharge points are compatible with the tanker’s fittings.
    d. Follow proper loading procedures, ensuring that all valves are closed before and during loading.

    FAW 30000 liters refueling tank trucks


    FAW 30000 liters refueling tank trucks


    FAW 30000 liters refueling tank trucks

    Emergency Procedures:
    In the event of an emergency, such as a spill, fire, or accident:

    a. Immediately contact emergency services and follow their instructions.
    b. Use the provided fire extinguishers and containment materials to mitigate hazards.
    c. Evacuate the area if necessary, keeping a safe distance from the vehicle and any potential hazards.

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