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  • FAW 4X2 fuel tank truck

    1.Brand :  FAW

    2.Engine Model: CA4DB1-11E6

    3.Tire: 6.50R1612

    4.Wheelbase: 1475(mm)

    5.Power:Xichai 110 horsepower

    Fuel   tank  trucks   are   callled  as  "Oil Tanker Inspection";"Petroleum Industry Logistics";"Oil Spill Prevention";"Oil Transportation Regulations";"Oil Transportation Regulations";"Portable Fueling Unit";"Refueler Tank Capacity"; and  " Ground Support Equipment (GSE)".

    • Specifications

    The chassis configuration  of  Faw six  wheels  oil  tanker truck

    Blue brand Jiefang  oil truck:Jiefang Tiger VR single row cab, Xichai CA4DB1-11E6, Xichai 110 horsepower, 5 gear, 395, MG85B, 130 welding bridge (speed ratio 4.875, wheel base 1475), speed ratio 4.875, 760*150*60*4, 6.50R1612 level vacuum tires.Meet the requirements of 2020 regulations, multi-functional steering wheel,70L plastic fuel tank, plate spring 3/7+3, with domestic ABS, air conditioning, electric doors and Windows + central control lock.Instrument EOL.With guide hood, force extracter reserved installation position and exhaust pipe opposite side. Rear processor front + exhaust spark extinguisher + front disc rear drum brake + speed limit 79KM/H, Beidou +GPRS Tachograph. With electrostatic tow belt,LDW+FCW, tire burst emergency safety device,10L urea tank.

    FAW 4X2 fuel tank truck

    The Top configuration  of   FAW  4×2  refueling   tank   truck

    with European standard set (a European standard tank mouth, a submarine valve, a lower oil port, an oil recovery, an anti-overflow probe rod and electrostatic socket). With special oil pump (self-suction and self-discharge).With large flow tanker and 15 meters automatic return roll. With folding guardrail, two tank equal length oil pipes, two fire extinguishers. A fireproof cap. One toolbox.The rest standard. Paint: silver gray. Stick reflective strip. Reflective tape. Safety notice. Stick “flammable” label.

    FAW 4X2 fuel tank truck

    How the fuel tank  truck works:

    Tank trucks play a very important role in the process of oil and gas storage and transportation.

    1.the “eddy current hot film heat exchanger” along the tank radial into the bottom of the oil tank, the hot medium (steam) pipeline, oil flow from the shell between the pipe, the shell oil suction port directly connected to the tank medium.

    2.the steam inlet of the heat exchanger is equipped with a temperature control valve, through the temperature sensor to detect the temperature of the oil outlet to control the steam inlet of the heat exchanger, so as to ensure the constant temperature of the oil.

    FAW 4X2 fuel tank truck


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