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  • FAW J6F 9800 liters refueling tank truck

    1.Brand: FAW

    2.Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm :6950×2350,2270×2800

    3.Wheel base(mm) :4200, 3900

    4.Gross vehicle weight(kg) :11995

    5.Chassis Type CA1120P40K59

    6.Engine Model: CA4DH1-18E6

    Refueling tank truck  are  also known as "Fuel Tank Truck ";  "Diesel Tanker";  "Hazardous Materials Transport";  "Fuel Transport Vehicle ";" Bulk Fuel Truck"  and  "Liquid Cargo Tanker".

    • Specifications

    ONE:The purpose of FAW refueling tank truck :

    Oil tanker trucks are primarily designed to transport liquid petroleum products.Including crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, and various chemicals. Their role is pivotal in maintaining the continuous flow of energy resources across vast geographical areas. Ensuring that these vital products are readily available to consumers and industries.

    FAW J6F 9800 liters refueling tank truck

    TWO:Safety Precautions of  9800 liters fuel tank truck :

    Regular Maintenance: Oil tanker trucks must undergo regular inspections and maintenance to ensure all components, including pumps, hoses, and safety systems, are in working order.

    Proper Loading and Unloading: Loading and unloading must be carried out by trained personnel following strict safety protocols to prevent accidents.

    Route Planning: Drivers should plan their routes carefully, avoiding steep inclines, sharp turns, and congested areas whenever possible. Overloading and over-speeding should be avoided.

    Emergency Response: Drivers should be trained in emergency response procedures and equipped with spill response kits to contain and mitigate any accidental spills or leaks.

    Environmental Compliance: It is essential to follow environmental regulations and guidelines for the transport of hazardous materials. This includes obtaining the necessary permits and adhering to disposal and cleanup procedures in case of spills.

    FAW J6F 9800 liters refueling tank truck

    THERE:The vehicle parameters  of  FAW J6F 9800 liters oil tank truck

    Vehicle Name FAW  J6F  9800 liters  refueling tank  truck
    Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm 6950×2350,2270×2800
    Wheel base(mm) 4200, 3900
    Gross vehicle weight(kg) 11995
    Max. speed(km/h) 80
    Chassis Type CA1120P40K59L4BE6A84
    Drive Type 4×2
    Cab seats 3
    Tire No.’s 3/3+3,3/7+9,3/10+4,7/10+4,7/10+3,3/4+4
    Engine Model CA4DH1-18E6
    Engine Brand Xichai
    Fuel type Diesel
    Displacement (ml) / Power 3800/132KW179(HP)
    Emission Standard VI

    FAW J6F 9800 liters refueling tank truck


    The oil tank structure of the mobile refueling truck is elliptic cylinder or trapezoidal column shape, made of high-quality steel plate, the whole tank body is divided into single bin or multiple bins, the bin can be divided into chambers, the lower end of the middle partition is provided with a hole, the middle of each bin can be divided into chambers, the lower end of the middle partition is provided with a hole, and the middle of each bin is welded with a strengthened wave partition. In order to reduce the impact of oil in the tank and improve the stiffness of the tank when the car is driving.

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