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  • Shacman 30000 Liters Aircraft Fuel Tank

    1.Engine model: WP10.380E22, produced by the renowned Weichai Power Co., Ltd., ensuring excellent power and fuel economy.

    2.With 380HP of powerful horsepower, it provides ample power for aircraft refueling.

    3.Compliant with Euro II emission standards, it boasts superior environmental performance.

    4.The 8x4 drive mode ensures stable driving under various road conditions.

    5.Tire specifications of 12.00R20 provide excellent traction and driving stability.

    • Specifications

    The Shacman 30000 Liters Aircraft Fuel Tank is an efficient and safe refueling vehicle specifically designed for airports. Its superior engineering design and outstanding performance ensure fast and accurate fuel delivery to various aircraft.

    Shacman 30000 Liters Aircraft Fuel Tank

    With a tank volume of 30 cubic meters, it meets the refueling needs of medium to large aircraft.
    High-quality steel and advanced welding processes are used to ensure the tank’s ruggedness and seal tightness.
    Equipped with an advanced hydraulic control system, it ensures the stability and safety of the refueling process.
    Real-time monitoring of critical parameters such as fuel volume, temperature, and pressure ensures the accuracy and safety of fueling.

    Shacman 30000 Liters Aircraft Fuel Tank

    The vehicle’s design complies with international safety standards, ensuring the safety of personnel and aircraft during the refueling process.
    Equipped with multiple safety protection systems, including fire prevention, anti-static, and anti-overflow.

    Shacman 30000 Liters Aircraft Fuel Tank

    User-friendly interface design allows drivers to easily master various operations.
    The high degree of automation in the refueling process greatly improves work efficiency.

    Shacman 30000 Liters Aircraft Fuel Tank

    Overall, the Shacman 30000 Liters Aircraft Fuel Tank is a professional refueling equipment that combines efficiency, safety, and environmental protection, making it an ideal choice for major airports.

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