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  • Shacman H3000 35-cbm four after eight fuel tank truck

    1.Brand:Shacman H3000

    2.Announcement volume: 35 -cbm

    3.Drive type:8X4

    4.barrel body :5mm thick

    5.head : 5.5mm thick

    6.partition : 5mm thick

    Fuel  tank  truck  are  also  known  as  "Fuel Tanker Design";   "Fuel Tanker Inspection "; "Fuel Tanker Maintenance";  "Oil Tanker Truck";  "Petroleum Hauling"  and  " Crude Oil Transportation".

    • Specifications

    The upper structure configuration of  Shacman H3000 four after eight fuel tank truck

    First:Announcement volume: 35 -cbm, Q235B plate.Barrel body 5mm thick.Head 5.5mm thick.Partition 5mm thick.Single bin, tank top one tank mouth.Full set of European standards.1 submarine valve. With 80/60 special oil pump (pump in and pump out). (optional large flow refueling machine and 15 meters thick reel and gun).Rear ladder.Manual guardrail.Tool box.Rear bumper.Side guard rail.Other manufacturers standard.

    Shacman H3000 four after eight fuel tank truck

    Spare parts for  oil tank trucks

    Tank: The primary component of an oil tanker, which holds and transports the liquid cargo (oil).

    Manhole Cover: A large, hinged cover on the top of the tank that provides access for filling, inspection, and maintenance.

    Valves: Various types of valves are used in oil tankers to control the flow of oil, including loading and unloading valves, safety valves, and emergency shutoff valves.

    Shacman H3000 four after eight fuel tank truck


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