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  • Sinotruk Howo TX5 15 -cbm Edible oil transport truck

    1.Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm :8230×2500×3200

    2.Wheel base(mm) :4500

    3.Gross vehicle weight(kg) :18000

    4.Chassis Type:ZZ1187K501GF1

    5.Drive Type: 4x2

    6.Engine Model :MC07.25-60

    Edible oil transport truck  are also  known  as "Liquid Bulk Transport ";  "Oil Delivery Truck";  "Heavy-Duty Tanker Truck";  "Tanker Truck Operation"; "Oil Refinery Logistics"  and  "Oil Distribution Vehicle".


    • Specifications

    Chassis configuration  of  Sinotruk Howo TX5  Edible oil transport truck

    HOWo TX5 special vehicle; TX-M cab. Manual rearview mirror.Main machinery + auxiliary simple seat.MC07.25-60 engine. HW95508STC transmission +HW45ZC flange type force extractor; 1094 self-adjusting arm front axle (drum). MCJ11BG self-adjusting arm single rear axle (drum). Speed ratio 5.29. Double deck frame (7+4/250).Front and rear super multi-blade spring (11/9+8). Domestic direction machine. Standard exhaust system.ABS(4S/4M); Middle bumper (non-metal); 10.00R20 tyres; 200L oil tank. Knob PTO. Sinotruk Intelligent Pass D version.

    Sinotruk Howo TX5 15 -cbm Edible oil transport truck

    The  upper structure configuration of  Sinotruk Howo TX5 15 -cbm Edible oil transport truck

    Effective volume of tank: 15 square, standard Q235 plate (optional 304 stainless steel plate (barrel 4.2m or aluminum alloy plate (barrel 6mm)).Carbon steel steel tank 4.5mm thick.Carbon steel head 4.75mm thick. Partition 4mm thick, with a common tank mouth, with 80-60 common pump, can pump in and out, 3 inch pipe, 3 inch outlet. All other accessories are carbon steel material, other according to factory standards, provide chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, invoice.

    Sinotruk Howo TX5 15 -cbm Edible oil transport truck

    The vehicle parameters  of  15 -cbm Edible oil transport truck

    Vehicle Name Sinotruk Howo 15 -cbm  Edible oil  transport  truck
    Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm 8230×2500×3200
    Wheel base(mm) 4500
    Gross vehicle weight(kg) 18000
    Max. speed(km/h) 89,101
    Chassis Type ZZ1187K501GF1
    Drive Type 4×2
    Cab seats 3,2
    Tire No.’s 11/9+8,3/9+8,3/3+2,2/3+2,3/-,2/-,2/3,7/7+6,7/7+3,3/7+6,3/7+3
    Engine Model MC07.25-60
    Engine Brand China Heavy Duty Automobile Group Co., LTD
    Fuel type Diesel
    Displacement (ml) / Power 6870/188KW255(HP)
    Emission Standard VI


    Sinotruk Howo TX5 15 -cbm Edible oil transport truck

    Edible oil transport truck is a special vehicle for transporting edible oil materials.

    The tank body is generally made of metal sheet, and can also be made of fiberglass, plastic and other materials. The tank body is provided with an anti-impact plate, and the tank body accessories are provided with manholes, outlet valves, etc. The edible oil transport truck produced by our factory can realize the functions of pumping in and out of the table, pumping in and out of the table, self-flowing table, but table, etc.In addition:It can be independently divided into warehouses and can be divided into different edible oil products.


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